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San Francisco gay men are not really all that tolerant. Many go ballistic the minute you say the word "Republican".

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San Jose is a pleasantly dull large city. The gay life here is lacking. Many drive to SF every weekend.

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Many of the rest are engineers and computer programmers who I just don't relate to. This area is quite yuppie oriented. People spend lots of money on expensive entertainment on a regular basis. I'm not a loser, but I make a modest salary and can't afford that lifestyle.


There aren't many people here who think like me. The other extreme is closeted immigrants from the 3rd world who's social lives revolve around their families. There seems to be only upper middle class people here or working class or working poor with not much in between. What is Albuquerque like for gay men? I'm sort of looking for that "happy medium" that doesn't seem to exist I know, this is unfortunately a lot to ask. Any input would be helpful. Yours was an interesting post, but we've had a couple of lively threads here on this subject that aren't that old.

It's better to go into one of them and respond to stuff there. You might then ask - Can you recommend and ski clubs? Well, that's an awfully broad question to answer well.

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I don't know if Albuquerque is the "happy medium" you are looking for, but for many us it has been a good place for gays. If you're looking for the sort of place that has a large selection and variety of gay venues and neighborhoods, then it may disappoint you. I lived in NYC, and escaped for a variety of reasons, and I expected Albuquerque to be a lot quieter.

At this point there is, I believe, one male gay bar, and, in addition, the Albuquerque Social Club, a private, for pay minimal club.

There are no gay neighborhoods per se, but there is a clustering of gays in parts of the city including the Nob Hill, University, and Northeast Heights areas. There is a good sized community of gay people here and it is growing with arrivals from throughout the country. If I could loosely describe the gay community here, it is very relaxed, very casual, very down to earth, qualities that the city of Albuquerque exemplifies very much.

The community is very social and most people entertain in their homes a lot--dinners, parties, that sort of thing. This half of the season is 16 weeks […]. We are a social league and love having new people […]. First half of season starts Sunday, August 13, Informative video about paying attention to your footwork for consistency in targeting.



Saturday, August 22, Time: All bowling levels […]. Albuquerque Sunday Night Out. League Begins January 6th, League begins again January 6th! ProudToPlay Let's support a world where every athlete can be proud of who they are. We are a bowling league focused on having fun.

All skill levels are welcome! Still have a long way to go. Now that I've shed most of that unwanted weight, I want to start building myself back up the right way.

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A strong, older man to take me under his wing, coach me, guide me is my ideal man. I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to relationships read: VERY inexperienced , so I would have a lot to learn from a man with much more under his belt.

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Looking to meet like minded new friends for exercise, hangouts and poss more. Back in New Mexico four years now after spending some time in the Denver area. Previously lived 18 years in Santa Fe.

Albuquerque Sunday Night Out – Albuquerque's Only GLBTQ+Bowling League

I really miss Denver and Colorado and hope to return in the near future. Landscape Architect and Gymnastics coach. Natural Hairy Red Head. Looking for that special Looking for someone my age or older who are interested in outdoor activities and attending sporting events. I am a nice man. I have a lot of integrity. Re-discovering my life at age I have been described as masculine. I am average build and average looks I wouldn't want anyone to be expecting something else.