How to ask a girl if she wants to start dating

If you feel the same way, or think you could see me as a boyfriend, then I'd like to go out with you. I just thought of something: I don't know how I'll manage without you.

Accept her answer calmly. She may feel the same way, or she may not. Regardless of what she says, though, you need to respond to her answer in a calm, civilized manner. If she agrees to be your girlfriend, express how happy that makes you but do not get wild and shout or dance about. Don't pressure her into a relationship. If she hesitates before giving you an answer, do not begin begging for her to agree. Let her know that this will not spell the end of your friendship. Who knows—as long as you don't burn any bridges, she may eventually come to like you later on.

Talk to her in person.

5 Tips to Make a Girl Say Yes When You Ask Her Out

You need to make sure that she knows who you are in person before you can drop her secret hints about your feelings. Make sure that the two of you get along fairly well before using this approach. You can still be in the beginning stages of acquaintanceship or friendship, but when you converse, you should be able to do so while smiling and maintaining a comfortable atmosphere. The ideal situation is to begin your approach as soon as you realize your feelings for her.

It works even better if you can time things out so that, as the two of you talk more and get to know each other better, she begins to suspect and even hope that you are the one responsible for the mysterious signs of affection. These secret notes are a good way to inject a little mystery into the situation, and if the girl you have your eye on has a curious nature, this can also be a good way to pique her interest.

Do not sign the note if you want to keep it a secret, though. Don't be afraid to be a little cheesy. It may not work quite as well in person, but for a note like this, a few cheesy lines can help keep things light. You do not need to write an essay about your love for her, but it helps to talk about your feelings a little so that she actually knows that your note is the real deal. Of course, you probably don't know who I am yet, but still. You're a sweet girl.

I admire your kindness and your wit, and I thought I should let you know that there's someone who really appreciates you. I watch you every day.

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I've looked at all of your Facebook photos and tweets, and I know more about you than you can imagine. Last week, when you were on your way home after dark, I even followed you from a distance to make sure you got back safe, because I love you so much and would die if anything happened to you. With great and sincere love, Your Secret Admirer.

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Consider attaching a small, cute gift. If you end up sending the object of your affection several secret notes, you can get creative and attach a small gift to a few of them. Avoid gifts like CDs, movies, jewelry, or perfume. Watch for warning signs. Even if you take every precaution possible to avoid making her feel paranoid or on edge, there still remains some chance that the girl in question will feel uncomfortable with someone leaving her anonymous notes.

If you get the idea that she feels uncomfortable, stop immediately. An obvious sign would be if she tears up the notes or throws them out upon receiving them.

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If she suspects that you might be behind the notes and starts to ignore you or avoid you, you can take that as a sign that she feels uncomfortable about the situation. If she does not suspect you and ends up confiding in you about the notes and about her uneasiness about the sender, confess that you were behind them and that you will stop now that you know how uncomfortable they made her feel. The best mysteries are the ones that seem as though they could be solved. Even though this is supposed to be a secret, drop hints without directly stating who you are so that she has some idea of who to expect once you reveal your feelings.

You can drop hints through your notes and in person. To drop a hint in one of your notes, make a remark that only you and a few others might be able to make. For instance, if only a few people know that the girl in question is obsessed with a certain band, write that you were listening to one of their songs or albums when you thought of her. To drop a hint in person, flirt without directly stating your feelings.

Tips for How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

If your presence in her life increases as the notes continues, she will begin to think of you as a likely possibility. Don't let things drag on. Send her a few notes over the course of a few weeks before you let her know who you are. Be Honest Tell her exactly how you feel. Timing Time the question right.

How to ask her to be my girlfriend/in a relationship? - guyQ by AskMen

Don't Rush Take your time and don't rush the question. Be Creative Use your imagination and come up with fun ways to ask her to be your girl. View Singles Near You. Romantic Ways to Propose to a Girl. Romantic Engagement Proposal Ideas. Romantic Ways to Propose on Christmas. Sweet Things to Say to Your Girl.

Romantic Ideas for Women. How to Make a Woman Feel Wanted. Accessed 17 January Dating Tips - Match. Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Start by just having conversations with her.

The Best Ways to Ask a Girl to Be in a Relationship

Ask her about her siblings or other little things. For example, "How are Jimmy and Sarah doing? Find out things you have in common, like a favorite band or sport. That will give you a common subject to talk about. If you go to school together, walk up to her in the halls and say hello after you've talked in class a couple times. You will make a good impression if you do nice things, like holding a door for her to go through or tying her shoe if you notice it has come undone.

Right Time and Place

Do not go out of your way to do these things all the time. She will think it is weird instead of sweet. Become friends with her. Many guys prefer to cut to the chase, but if she is worth asking out, it is worth building a friendship. If you ask her out without getting to know her first, she might turn you down just because she doesn't know enough about you to say yes. Text or chat with her for long periods of time. Girls love it when this happens.

After you've texted her for a while and you think she's good enough friends with you, try to ask her who she likes. Make sure she asks you too, otherwise it will most likely end up being a different guy. Also try to make it late—that's extra cute! Make sure that the two of you are compatible. Do you have common interests?