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Displays an indicator on the terrain when units are issued a movement or attack command. Selecting a single larva will select all larvas attached to the same Hatchery. Enable Enemy Unit Selection: The maximum numbers of players that can be in a party has been raised to New Copy Link buttons have been added, which automatically copy certain links tthe clipboard, allowing players to share them with others via clickable links in chat or on the web.

When clicked, these links will navigate to the in-game page. Observer Mode Improvements Leaderboard Added two new tabs: Structures Tab hotkey T: This panel shows the structures owned by each player.

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Upgrades Tab hotkey G: This panel shows the upgrades researched by each player. Continued clicks will cycle through all units of that type. Minimap Attacked units now flash white for observers. This gives production crews a new set of powerful tools to create even more epic broadcast experiences. For more information on how to use this feature, please see this thread in our User Interface forums.

Players who have blocked communication with others are now also prohibited from initiating chat with those they have blocked. Added color preferences for text preview display. The Arcade Info dialog has been renamed tBattle.

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This info is now available for non-arcade maps as well. New Export Locales and Import Locales commands have been added. These can be used to export and import localized text to and from text files. The Dependency dialog now includes a display of the full dependency chain resulting from the requested dependencies.

Dependency reference checking and validation now accounts for the full chain properly in all cases. The Dependency dialog now issues a warning when Multi mods are used in conjunction with Story mods. These are designed to be mutually exclusive and could cause a variety of problems in game when combined. Added toolbar button size preference.

AI difficulty in Starcraft is not behaving as expected - Arqade

Cutscene Module Added Cutscene Frames. Cutscene frames are dialog items you can play a cutscene in. New Properties have been added: Animations can now specify that they always end at the end of the block. The blend value for this animation block. The reverb to set while playing back the cutscene. Auto Destroy on End: When disabled, the cutscene will not be destroyed when it ends, but instead it will pause on the final frame. If enabled, causes the sound to not change its current time when the current time jumps.

You can now set and animate the speaker mix values. Allows you to specify the priority level of a fade when multiple scenes attempt to control fade.

Terrain is now automatically imported when starting the Cutscene Module. New icons added for all node types! Added a new "Time Follows Edits" mode under the edit menu that causes the timeline cursor to always follow the edited block. Added Sound Group Nodes: These folder-like nodes allow you to add sound nodes to them then set properties for all sounds inside the group at once. Volume and pitch properties are now treated as multipliers instead of absolute values.

Setting sound index t-1 now causes it to pick a new variation each time it plays. Sounds now properly fade out after their blocks end. Sounds can now specify Active Shots. Value changes that represent less than 0. You can now add multiple cutscene filters when playing back a cutscene. Cutscenes are now played back in Replays. This new window visualizes how objects are linked to one another. Each tab in the Data Module now remembers its own view mode. Model Preview Panes now animate with the model's default animation, making effects easier to identify. New data types have been added: Herd, Herd Node User Type fields defining user links can optionally specify a required user type Added a new Select in Palette command.

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Added F2 support for renaming objects. Fixed size arrays are now edited as one control for each array entry rather than using a list-based UI. Instead of hiding default values, it will sort values in the order: Added field hint tooltips to dropdowns for enum type fields. Structure sub-fields now properly display composite field hint tooltips. Many new field hints added for Abilities, Actors, Effects, and Units. Overview Manager Added a new Jump To Instances command in the context menu for jumping from function definition to corresponding calls.

Terrain Module A new Diamond region shape has been added. A new Diagonal Selection option has been added in the Tools menu for selecting objects and terrain along the diagonal grid. Units marked as Initially Hidden will use an alpha fade effect in the editor display. The Water palette now includes a Height slider for adjusting the height of the current water template. No Fly Zones now have three color states: Normal no overlap , Overlap hard radii overlap , and Warning only soft radii overlap. For best pathing performance, avoid the Warning state.

Foliage density maximum reduced to 2. Anything larger than this significantly impacts game performance. Added "Force Occlusion Hide" to placed doodads, which forces doodads to be transparent if units are behind it. Trigger Module Added a Preview button for previewing sounds directly from parameter dialog. A new Smart group display has been added, which opens a second group only when an element is explicitly viewed via double-click or View Selection command. Libraries defined in the active document are now shown in the Triggers list rather than the Libraries list.

The Libraries list will only contain read-only dependency libraries. Elements can now be dragged and dropped from one library to another. This will include updating all usage of those elements in the active document. A new view option has been added for setting default input focus on search fields vs. Fixed an error that occasionally occurred when queuing for a match if a disconnection occurred in the previous game.

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It is no longer possible to build Creep Tumors on top of lowered Supply Depots. Fixed an issue preventing Zerglings, Roaches, and Ultralisks from autocasting Unburrow when an enemy Colossus was near. Fixed an issue where Hallucinated units would not play Hallucination death animations when playing in Reduced Violence mode. Fixed a display issue with the scroll bar on the Replays page. Fixed a display issue that could occur when viewing Patch Notes for an Arcade game.

Clicking Create Game in the Single-player Vs. AI menu while a map is downloading no longer causes the game t enter a state where it is unable to launch any maps. Fixed issues with some displays that could occur when viewing Arcade Game Info pages while queuing up for matchmaking games. Fixed an issue causing the race selection buttons on 3vAI queues to occasionally change to names of colors. Editor General Automatic backups for documents saved as component lists will now properly save multiple backup files.

Hitbox size varies according to each type of unit E.

How does MMR work with unranked/ranked matchmaking

This becomes important when dealing with AoE. Consider a group of mutalisks. If you select-all and issue an attack-command or move-command, the mutalisks will bunch up tight and then disperse. Cf a video on the "magic-box technique". So I wouldn't be surprised if position-values were floats. TulliusCicero on Aug 10, Even if you just bucketized things at the pixel level, that leaves you with a range in the thousands for each dimension.

It seems to me that multiplayer games may feel continuous to a human player but are still designed around a series of discrete states called ticks where each tick is determined from the previous state plus inputs. Why is this distinction made in the context of how difficult it is to develop an AI? Technically you're right, but there's a real qualitative difference. Each "tick" in a game like StarCraft is on the order of tens of milliseconds.

Starcraft 2 Newbie Guide - 006 - Versus AI

When you send out an army to attack your opponent, it's quite possible that the actual confrontation won't happen until 10, ticks in the future. Also, the dimensionality of the state space in a "continuous" game is orders of magnitude larger. In a game like chess or Go, you may have dozens or hundreds of moves available at each turn, but only a few of them will be "locally optimal".

In StarCraft, there are many more degrees of freedom -- attack timing, positioning, formation, banking versus spending resources, and so on. A good AI will need to be able to abstract that huge state space down to something more tractable. To the best of my knowledge, the only thing in SC2 that requires pixel-level precision is selecting units.

Everything else can just as easily be represented as a fairly coarse grid with no loss of expressiveness. Buildings are explicitly snapped to a grid, and moving your units several pixels to either side simply doesn't matter. So calling SC2 "continuous" in terms of space is misleading. Well, IIRC, there are some visual indicators that rely on blinking, but I don't think they are crucial. Even with the restrictions you put in place, SC2's state space is much larger than any board game.