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The Milestone of Chrisette Michele. The Wanda Durant Story. The mind fascinates me. Every once in while you meet those who have mastered both and flow seamlessly between the two, much to the benefit of those directly and indirectly affected by their God-given greatness. Carla Harris is one of those masters. See, I told you she was superwoman! Her wisdom is unparalleled, her delivery flawless, and her personality is hilarious.

I hope you enjoy her as much as I did:.

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Perception is the co-pilot to reality! What has been the greatest obstacle on your journey to the discovery of your life's purpose? I would say not really understanding some of the rules of the game in terms of my environment. Coming out of college and graduate school, I really did embrace the whole meritocracy that success was just about being smart and working hard.

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I realized overtime, and over a few other experiences that there are other things that informs your success equation, like understanding that perception was a co-product to reality and how people perceive you directly impacts how they deal with you. Then it was also understanding that you have the power to teach people how to think about you and that you have the opportunity to make sure that your behavior was consistent with what was valued in your organization.

I would say it was lessons like that that were the biggest stumbling block. And then I would also say not really understanding the power of relationships, that your hard work by itself again would only get you so far.

If you could describe yourself in 6 words, and only 6 words, what would they be and why? But I absolutely am, I can roll with the punches pretty well and can withstand lots of pressure. So I think am a very fair person and I give people lots of chances in a way to execute or to deliver.


Coronation Street viewers repulsed by Carla and Daniel's steamy hook-up

I ignored the fact that it takes an enormous amount of time, time and a certain level of competitiveness to get a job in this place. But, [as I reflected] she was right!

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It is the most important tool in your tool chest. Now, we've discussed how life is about relationships. How have you best used your relationships to navigate in such a competitive arena and then succeed?

I will give you an example, with the National Women Business Council for example, it was the relationship that exposed me to that opportunity. She walked me through it and it fit right in the middle of the fairway for me.

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So that was one way that a relationship leveraged into an amazing opportunity. However not everyone is a fan of the new coupling, as Peter Barlow Chris Gascoyne is unhappy about his ex shacking up with his half-brother, Daniel. In scenes from next week, Carla has a bad turn related to her failing kidney, which ends up putting her in hospital. Daniel supports her in her recovery, but he is quite clearly feeling nostalgic about his previous relationship with Sinead Tinker Katie McGlynn. Wasting no time, Carla crafts a plan, and sets out to bring the couple together as soon as possible.

Carla reveals that Daniel is still in love with her, and surprises Sinead with a plan to get him back for her.

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Sinead and Daniel were previously rumoured to reunite after their short-lived affair in February last year. Fans also expected the estranged couple to get back together after Chesney Brown Sam Aston called off his wedding to Sinead at the altar. Gemma found out that Henry was only seeing her to win a bet, however he claimed to have developed feelings for her.

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7. Daniel Osbourne may be set to leave Carla, but for who?