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Voltage, and train speed increases when the right hand control lever is turned clockwise. Depending on the locomotive, the sequence will either be forward, neutral, reverse, neutral, or forward, reverse. I don't recall what the sequence on your locomotive is. You can cycle the e-unit by shutting the throttle off, then on, or by moving the left hand control lever to the left turning it counterrclockwise , then letting it return to it's spring loaded center position. This shuts off the power to the track and allows the e-unit to cycle. You sound the whistle by moving the left hand lever to the left turning it clockwise.

This puts a DC voltage on the track that operates the relay in the tender that sounds the whistle. For one train operation posts B and C on this transfprmer are not used. Posts B and U will provide a variable voltage of 0 to 11 volts, controlled by the throttle.

Posts A and B provide a constant 5 volts, while posts B and C provide a constant 11 volts. The constant voltage is useful for powering track side accessories. Welcome to the forum. Keep asking questions, as there are people here that will know the answer, or we will start a discussion and figure the answer out. You only need one lock-on. The other wire goes to post A.

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This will give you the most power out of the transformer. If your set was made in , you have the earlier of two different locomotives which were both confusingly numbered Both models should have the 3-position reversing unit "e-unit" --forward-neutral-reverse-neutral. You can step through the direction sequence by turning the right-hand control off, or by moving the left-hand control counter-clockwise.

The had a wheel arrangement, that is, a 2-wheel pilot truck, 6 driving wheels, and a 2-wheel trailing truck. This was called a "prairie" locomotive. The model had a arrangement, which Lionel incorrectly also called a prairie, but which is properly an "Adriatic". I suggest you lubricate the engine and all the cars before you run the train. Here is a link to a service manual. You might also want to consider one of my recommendations: Bend the center pin on each piece of track slightly to one side.

This makes a better connection and will keep the track together. If you have switches, you probably shouldn't try to bend the pins as it may damage the switch. Actually, you don't bend the pin, but bend the center rail where the pin is inserted into it. If you use this technique, you will find it is much quicker than trying to squeeze the holes in the track together, you will find that the connection is better, and you will find the track comes apart easily when you want to take it apart. Thanks to all of you who responded, I got everything working, but the locomotive derails a lot in foreward works fine backing up.

help with transformer hook up please

Does the pilot truck derail to the inside of curves? If so, that is characteristic of that locomotive and results from an incorrect design of the steering geometry. It can be fixed by modifying the locomotive, but probably more than you want to attempt. I have found that proper lubrication of the engine will reduce or eliminate derailing. There is another problem to look for. I believe your engine has a pilot truck made from die cast zinc.

On a that I have, the hole for the axle was badly worn. I removed one of the wheels and made a bushing to go in the axle hole, and the problem was fixed. Our community is FREE to join.

To participate you must either login or register for an account. Order Ascending Order Descending. Member since April, , posts. Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, December 03, 1: He never taught me how to hook it up growing up and he has past now.

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I have put it around my xmas tree and it looks wonderful. Member since April, From: Willoughby, Ohio 5, posts. Posted by spankybird on Saturday, December 03, 2: Connect the 1 wire to the A and the 2 wire to the U. This will have the A throttle on top of the transformer run the trains. Good Luck Be sure to check the power cord from the transfomer to the Volt outlet for any cracks.

If the cord does have cracks, it should be replaced. Member since July, From: Posted by Curmudgeon on Saturday, December 03, 3: See my three responses on the GR forum.

See the part about lubrication. I would have e-mailed you, but you failed to put an e-mail address in your profile. Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, December 11, 9: I need some help. I found my dads old Mar train set s 50s anyway I got the engine to operate but when I put it on the track it wont run.

I just need the instructions to put it in motion. Oh I'm giving it to my dad for Xmas, again. Member since August, From: Posted by otftch on Monday, December 12, 7: